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Heaven and Earth

What if the wrong man was convicted of the Lindbergh baby kidnapping and murder?  What if Lindbergh himself, was actually involved?  This is the true story of Ellis Parker, the American Sherlock Holmes who discovered who was really behind the kidnapping, and how he paid for that discovery with his life.


Based on a true story.

What if the wrong man was convicted of the Lindbergh Baby kidnapping and murder?  What if Lindbergh himself, was actually involved?  And what if a small town detective (known world-wide as the Cornfield Sherlock Holmes), had proof of this miscarriage of justice?  This is the true story of another American icon,  Ellis Parker.

In his teens, Ellis Parker had a knack for sniffing out the truth.  When his father’s horse and carriage was stolen, Ellis tracked down the thief in a matter of hours, even gaining a confession.

During his 40 something year career, (which started in 1890) the self-taught Parker solved over 300 murder cases and 1000’s other crimes; some from simply pouring over evidence, photos and interviews.  Only 12 cases remained unsolved in his files.

Parker believed that the criminal always had an alibi for the time of the crime, whereas the innocent rarely did. “The average person doesn’t know precisely where he was every minute of the day; he has no reason to.”

Then came the infamous Lindbergh kidnapping/murder case in 1932.

To the world, Lindberg was a mega star; famous aviator, married to Anne, the daughter of a NJ Senator and partner at J.P. Morgan.

But insiders knew the truth.

Project in detailed treatment form only.  Will develop into book and theatrical film.

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